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Karuna Natural Wears

Gifts from the Himalaya

Karuna has brought a touch of Nepalese and Tibetan tradition and culture to Ottawa, Ontario since first opening our doors on 218 Bank Street in 2011.

We’re proud to offer our one-of-a-kind selection of handmade clothing, silver jewelry, singing bowls, spiritual statues, and more.

Our name translates to compassion, perfectly describing our boutique’s essence of inclusion. At Karuna, we strive to treat everyone with loving-kindness, pure intentions, and good morals without expectations.

What Our Customers Say

I typically purchase our incense here. Great price and outstanding service. With the pandemic, I ordered online, expecting to wait at least several days to a week.
Instead, one of the owners drove the purchase directly to our home the very next day (a Sunday). It was carefully wrapped in a lovely gift bag and included a handwritten thank you note. As if that wasn’t enough, the note included a discount code for our next purchase.

Bill Murray

A wonderful gem of a store. They carry clothing in all shapes and sizes, in every colour of the rainbow. Half of my summer wardrobe comes from here. Super friendly and helpful staff. An amazing choice of jewelry and one of a kind treasures, with some rather unique pieces made with both heart and soul. Honestly one of my favourite local stores.

A Sparks

I love this place! The clothes are wonderful, great natural fabrics, VERY well made with many unique designs to fit different body types. I keep going back to buy clothing for all my friends as gifts (as well as myself). They also have marvelous jewelry line AND beautiful hand-made singing bowls. The staff are VERY kind, helpful and patient with those of us who have trouble making up our minds with what we like best. The place feels, sounds and smells great too, so it's a joy to spend extra time going through all the marvelous stock with the congenial staff.

Alita Perry

This is one of my favourite shops to go in Ottawa. The owner is very friendly and helpful, the store is always very tidy and has a wonderful selection of hand made clothing and incense, and the environment in general is very peaceful. Not to mention everything is very reasonably priced considering it is local, sustainable, and very unique! I love it here :)

Anastasia Severinets

High quality clothing. I love the dress, scarfs and unique jewelry. I get lots of compliment when I wear them. Indoors slippers are awesome, it's warm and comfortable. Excellent customer service. Very friendly and welcoming. I love going there.

Sunita Ranjit